How to choose set bonuses

The best MODs and set bonuses are the ones who offer what your character need.

1. You must establish what stats to increase on your characters

Mod Advisor

Solosier’s SW GOH Mod Helper Tool

2. Rate the stats on their importance:
– high stats: look for these on Primary and Secondaries
– good stats: look for these on Set bonuses
– you can go for same high stat (Primary/Secondary) and good stat (Set bonus)
a) if that stat is very important for you character 
b) you don’t have many good stats on the list

– must have 2, 4 or 6 to gain bonus
Рuseful for all characters with condition to have the secondaries or primary establish as high stats on point 2 
Рare useful because offer survivability > more chances to do damage 
– used mostly on tank characters that already have a high Health stat

must have 2, 4 or 6 to gain bonus
– for set bonus are worse then HEALTH MODs
* this may not be the case for Primary/Secondary stats in case of tank characters
* Primary/Secondary stats: health > defense > protection (apply only for plain numbers, not for percents %); may apply for tank characters

– must have 2, 4 or 6 to gain bonus
– a must for Jedi in Heroic Tank raid
– useful for some characters: Yoda, SHoretrooper, Rex, General Kenobi, K2SO, Admiral Ackbar, Count Dooku

– must have 4 to gain bonus
– must have for all characters that have high damage or depend on that to trigger another ability
– a must have for characters like Wedge
– can be used in general on any character that already have MODs with very good heath/protection stats; so only concern remained will be to do damage

– must have 2, 4 or 6 to gain bonus
– is how often your character will ‘crit’
– my opinion is that is better to have critical damage then critical chance
– the best approach is to use both set bonuses:
4 critical damage MODs + 2 critical chance MODs

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