Phase 2 features

War Machine
This unit is immune to Turn Meter reduction effects, and its weapons may attack and be attacked independently. When a weapon system is disabled, it will reboot after some time, but if all weapon systems are offline simultaneously, this unit will be become Toppled and grant 

Morale bonuses


  • Morale I: All attacking units gain +100% Defense Penetration.
  • Morale II: Attacking units gain +25% Speed if all three of the AAT’s weapon systems were disabled within one of its turns.
  • Morale III: All attacking units gain +50% Critical Damage if any of them suffered a direct hit from the Main Cannon and survived until the AAT was Toppled.

When the AAT recovers from Topple, Morale bonuses are lost, and the AAT and its side cannons gain 100% Turn Meter.

HK 47


  • Chief Nebit
  • Jawa Engineer
  • IG-86
  • IG-88

– main strategy is to have the highest speed values for all characters.

  • HK-47 lead – crit damage/chance speed + potency
  • Chief Nebit – Health +speed
  • Jawa Engineer – speed or if not fast enough Health/Defense +speed
  • IG-86 – crit damage/chance +speed
  • IG-88 – crit damage/chance +speed +potency

Abilities to use

  1. Jawa Engineer – Recalibrate
  2. IG-86 – Assassin Droid Tactics
  3. IG-88 – Rapid Fire
  4. HK-47 – Megabat Mayhem
  5. Chief Nebit – Desert Ambush
  6. Jawa Engineer – Miniaturized Detonator
  7. When tank is disabled (toppled) then use especially main attacks only
  8. Repeat from point 1


  • Destroy all the three turrets as possible in same time
  • Spread damage between the three turrents
  • Destroy the turrets until the tank fill his Turn Meter bar
  • This give your team Morale 2 bonus (25% speed)

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