Han Solo (Raid)
BASIC: Quick Draw

  • This ability can no longer be Evaded
  • Omega upgrade now grants “+25% Bonus Damage and remove 35% Turn Meter if the target has 50% or more Turn Meter” in addition to previous bonus of “+15% Damage”

SPECIAL1: Deadeye

  • Omega upgrade now grants “inflict Stun for 1 turn” in addition to previous bonus of “Cooldown – 1”

SPECIAL2: Never Tell Me The Odds

  • Omega upgrade now grants “+5% Turn Meter Gain and Han gains Critical Damage Up for 2 turns” and the previous bonus of “+25% Turn Meter Gain Chance” has been increased to “+75% Turn Meter Gain Chance”

UNIQUE: Shoots First

  • Han now ignores Taunts during the bonus turn
  • The Stun inflicted during the bonus turn can no longer be Resisted
  • New ZETA upgrade: “+10% Critical Chance and the first time each turn Han uses his Basic attack he attacks again dealing 50% less damage”


  • Han gained the ability on “Shoot First” to always inflict double shots on basic, with the second shot dealing 50% less damage.
  • We revamped “Never Tell Me the Odds” to grant Critical Damage Up to Han, as well as increasing his chance to grant Turn Meter to himself to 100%”. Now after Han buffs himself and his team, he can immediately get some damage in!
  • Raid Han under Wedge lead can put top damage under Phases 2 & 4 of the Heroic AAT Raid, when combined with Commander Luke can also tackle Phases 1 & 3. He is also very desirable in PVP, fitting under multiple Rebel leaders, and shining especially under Commander Luke.

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