Old Ben Kenobi has been reworked with two unavoidable attacks and a new special ability: “Devoted Protector” which allows him to taunt at will, making him a threat from the very start of the battle.

  • Old Ben now has the Rebel category tag!

BASIC: Elegant Form

  • Now grants Potency Up instead of Evasion Up
  • Omega upgrade is now: “This attack can’t be Evaded and inflicts Evasion Down for 2 turns”

SPECIAL 1: Mind Tricks

  • This ability can no longer be Evaded
  • Omega upgrade now grants “Jedi and Rebel allies gain 3% Turn Meter for each effect Resisted” in addition to previous bonus of “+15% Turn Meter Reduction Chance”

SPECIAL 2: Devoted Protector

  • New ability!
  • Fully Upgraded Without Zeta: “Old Ben gains Taunt for 2 turns. All allies gain Defense Up for 2 turns.” (Cooldown 4)
  • Fully Upgraded With Zeta: “Old Ben gains Taunt for 2 turns. When this Taunt expires, Old Ben gains Taunt for 1 turn. All allies gain Defense Up for 2 turns.” (Cooldown 4)

UNIQUE: If You Strike Me Down (REWORKED)

  • Ability reworked, and gained a new ZETA upgrade: “+2% Turn Meter Gain, +20% Heal, +20% Protection Recovery, and the first time Old Ben is defeated all allies gain 25% Turn Meter”
  • Fully upgraded, it reads: “Whenever another Jedi or Rebel ally takes damage, Old Ben gains 5% Turn Meter. The first time Old Ben is defeated, all allies gain Offense Up and Speed Up for 2 turns, recover 50% Health and 50% Protection, and gain 25% Turn Meter.”

General Strategy

  • Now tagged as a Rebel, Old Ben fits perfectly under leads such as Jyn Erso. He is able to provide AoE Offense Down, Ability Block, and Turn Meter Removal all in one ability, Mind Tricks.
  • We have changed the way his Unique, “If You Strike Me Down”, works, granting Old Ben 5% Turn Meter each time a Jedi or Rebel ally is damaged. Old Ben cannot be ignored as each strike against his allies gets him closer to ‘Mind Tricking’ you again.
  • Old Ben Gains a new Special Ability, “Devoted Protector”, that grants Old Ben a Taunt for 2 turns that if dispelled or simply runs out due to its duration, grants Old Ben another Taunt for 1 turn.


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