Territory Battle
1. Where to find it ?
Cantina Room and Guild menu

2. Territory Battle event name
HOTH – Imperial Invasion

2. Minimum Level

3. Territory Battle will last
6 days = 6 phases, each will last 24 hour

4. When starts
* Starts at 1 PM UTC Wednesday
* End at 1 PM UTC Tuesday

5. Phase one
Takes max 25 minutes

5. The score
Territory Points – from Deployment, Combat Missions and Platoon Missions
Get X amount of TBPs (Territory Battle points) = 1 star / max 3 stars
Example: 1 star = 885.000 TBPs for phase 1

6. Unlock Territory
Earn minimum one star per territory to unlock next territory

7. Deployment
Players send his units to a territory
Can send units to Combat or Platoon Missions

8. Combat Missions
Will have special characters requirements
Will consist in 6 waves of enemies

9. Platoon Missions
Requires 15 characters for 6 Platoons
All members can participate to Platoon deployment

10. After each phase the characters are reset

11. Special Missions
will give special rewards (like shards)
will not give Territory Points

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