The First Order seeks the final piece of a lost galactic map held by BB-8. Deploy your forces to Takodana and Maz Kanata’s ruined castle to capture the droid! Be sure to tread carefully as this astromech rolls with a formidable Squad. Defeat Veteran Smuggler Han, Chewbacca, Rey, Finn, and BB-8 himself. Succeed and earn shards for BB-8!
Starts Sept 28th
Seven tier event
Requires First Order
Recommended lv20+


With Captain Phasma at the helm as the Daily Login for the month, it’s time for the rest of the Squad to follow shiny silver suit. Power up your First Order Squadron! Enjoy Double Drops on First Order nodes from 9/22 to 9/25.
First Order Stormtrooper – Dark Side Battles: 2-A Hard
First Order Stormtrooper – Light Side Battles: 2-B Hard
First Order Stormtrooper – Light Side Battles: 9-A Hard
First Order Tie Pilot – Dark Side Battles: 6-B Hard
First Order Tie Pilot – Light Side Battles: 6-D Hard
Kylo Ren – Cantina Battles: 4-C Normal
Kylo Ren – Cantina Battles: 6-C Normal


In response to the data and player feedback, the following changes have been made to Territory Battles going forward. These changes should be seen in the next instance that launches tomorrow (Thursday, September 21st at 10AM PDT/5PM UTC) Listed changes can be seen below. For more in depth information, please see our breakdown via our Dev post <<HERE>>.

Increased Guild Event Token payout and Mystery Box rewards.
24 Hour phases will remain for the time being.
4 day cooldowns implemented between Territory Battle instances.
Gear XI and Gear XII salvage added to key events and late-game challenges in the future.
Addition of new special missions to the following locations:
Phase 1- Requires Phoenix Squadron (2*)
Phase 2- Requires Rogue One Squad (3*)
Phase 4 Captain Han Solo and Rebel Officer Leia Organa (5*)

Platoon Missions- Addressed the issue of duplicate units, which should ensure a more randomized roll in every Platoon.
Platoon Missions- Should also no longer require specific units that are required in a Special Mission and Combat Missions inside the same phase of the Territory Battle. (Specifically Phoenix Squad, Rogue One Squad, and the Hoth Hero Units: Hoth Rebel Soldier, Hoth Rebel Scout, Captain Han Solo, Commander Luke Skywalker, Rebel Officer Leia Organa)


The Shard Store has been refreshed to focus on a wider variety of gear. The refresh timer has been reduced to 6 hours, and refresh costs have been reduced. Additionally, Character shards (Other than General Grievous) have been removed.
Finally, gear pieces have been removed from Fleet Arena Store. Additional character shards, as well as other materials, will be added to Fleet Arena Store in subsequent updates.


One in a Million
Own a 7-Star Han Solo
Rewards: 10 TIE Advanced Shards

General of the Republic
Own a 7-Star General Kenobi
Rewards: 10 TIE advanced Shards
Pieces and Plans
Complete the “Pieces and Plans” Legendary Event
Rewards: 50 Crystals, 5 Darth Vader Shards 500k Credits


First Order Ultimate Bundle
Power up your First Order squad with the FIRST ORDER ULTIMATE BUNDLE to help unlock BB-8! This Bundle includes all characters in the First Order Faction, Credits, XP Training Droids, Ability Materials, and Gear to immediately level up all characters.

Includes materials sufficient to level up First Order characters to:
Character level: 50
Gear tier: 5
Ability level: 4
1-time purchase limit.

Pack Contents
Captain Phasma: 80 shards
Kylo Ren: 80 shards
First Order Officer: 80 shards
First Order Stormtrooper: 80 shards
First Order TIE Pilot: 80 shards
Credits: 3,000,000
T4 Training Droid: x225
Ability Material Mk I: 180
Ability Material Mk II: 135
Ability Material Mk III: 60
Ability Material Omega: 6

First Order Faction Pack
Power up your First Order faction with a FIRST ORDER FACTION PACK.
Each pack awards one card of character shards worth between 10 to 330 Character Shards for First Order characters.
Possible characters:
Captain Phasma
Kylo Ren
First Order Officer
First Order Stormtrooper
First Order TIE Pilot
Maximum 10 purchases per day.

Resistance Faction Pack
Power up your Resistance heroes with a RESISTANCE FACTION PACK!
Each pack awards one card of character shards worth between 10 to 330 Character Shards for Resistance characters.
Possible characters:
Poe Dameron
Resistance Pilot
Resistance Trooper
Maximum 10 purchases per day


Darth Nihilus- Fixed an issue where Darth Nihilus “Drain Force” animation was delayed when used on debuffed enemies.
Emperor Palpatine- Under Emperor Palpatine leader, whenever Savage Opress inflicts a debuff, he recovers 20% of his Max Health one time only.
Pao- Fixed an issue where Pao’s hand was slightly offset from his pistol.
Rey: The offense up buff from her special ability “Leverage” will now correctly expire at 3 turns instead of 2.
Scarif Rebel Pathfinder: The Offense Down applied from Explosive Entry can now be resisted per the design.

Capital Ship- Fixed an issue where Home One’s “Master Plan” was not expiring at the end of the encounter in Ship battles with more multiple encounters.
Fixed an issue where the Cantina bands feet slid around during animation.
Fixed an issue with missing enemy shadows in Ewok Heroic battles.
Fixed an issue where Royal Guard did not have proper shadows in the Emperor’s Demise Event.
French- The unique abilities of Death Trooper, Snowtrooper and Stormtrooper have been updated with correct grammar.
Italian- Grand Moff Tarkin’s unique ability upgrade text for “Callous Conviction” at level 8 now correctly states Tenacity instead of Potency in Italian.
Russian- Princess Leia’s level 8 Zeta ability description “Against All Odds” now has the word “Protection” which was missing previously.
Russian- Cad Bane’s unique ability “Jedi Hunter” is now correctly translated in Russian.
Russian-The spelling error of Barriss Offee’s name is now fixed.
Spanish- Corrected the stats in Han Solo’s “Never Tell me the odds” Ability (when Omega-ed).

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