Timing and Reward Cadence

The 24-hour phases have received very positive feedback so we will maintain that length for the time being. However, there are a few side effects of going from the originally planned three-day duration (at 12 hours per phase) to a six-day duration (the result of 24 hours per phase):

1. The phase change to 24 hours, while giving Guilds the opportunity to coordinate more across their preferred hours of play, does make the feature last longer. Due to the amount of engagement required, we have decided to start with an alternating Monday/Thursday schedule, which provides a four or five-day cooldown between each instance to give Guilds more time between instances of this feature to review their progress on the previous Territory Battle and plan for the next one.

2. This change also means that the cadence of earning final rewards is spread out to every ten to eleven days (six days of TB and four or five days of cooldown) causing a longer delay between opportunities to earn Guild Event Tokens. We’re addressing this in a few ways:
First, we will be adding a new Special Mission to Phases 1, 2, and 4. Each will provide an opportunity to earn more Guild Event Tokens, with Phase 1 requiring a 2 Star Phoenix Squad, Phase 2 requiring a 3 Star Rogue One Squad, and Phase 4 requiring a 5 Star Commander Han Solo and Rebel Officer Leia Organa.
Second, we will be increasing the rewards. See the next section for details.
And finally, as we tweak the schedule further in response to the data and player feedback, we plan to place some Gear XI “finishers” and Gear XII salvage behind key difficult events and late-game challenges in the future. Expect more information about that as we find those right moments.

Reward Changes

1. The rewards changes fall along 4 major lines.
More Guild Event Tokens: Guild Event Token payouts have been increased across the board. This is reflected in both the addition of more Special Missions AND in the final Guild Event Token payout at the end of the Territory Battle.
2. More Frequent Payout: Due to the Special Mission structure, the payout will occur at end of phases, instead of at the end of the Territory Battle. We want to give Guilds the chance to further collaborate on developing squads to help each other earn larger and larger payouts during each phase.
3. More in the Mystery Boxes: We are slightly increasing the mystery box payouts of Gear XII salvage, so that all guilds getting 15 stars and above will continue to make steady progress towards Gear XII, independent of how they spend their Guild Event Tokens.
4. Additional Mystery Boxes: To further reward sustained Territory Battle participation for a broader array of players, we’ve added some mystery box payouts of difficult gear salvage below Gear XII to the rewards. Now all guilds who finish above 6 stars will receive mystery box rewards of some of the toughest high-end gear salvage in the game below Gear XII.

Platoon Mission Changes

1. We have made an immediate change to Platoon Missions that address too much duplication of the same units. This should ensure a more random roll in every Platoon.
2. Platoon Missions should also no longer require specific units that are required in a Combat Mission or Special Mission inside the same phase of the Territory Battle. For example, when the Phoenix Squad is required for the new Special Mission in Phase 1, Phoenix Squad should no longer be required in the Platoon Mission in that Phase. This is specific to the requirements of Phoenix Squad, Rogue One Squad, and the Hoth Hero Units: Hoth Rebel Soldier, Hoth Rebel Scout, Captain Han Solo, Commander Luke Skywalker, Rebel Officer Leia Organa.

Guild Officer Tools and Investment Time

Finally, we have a number of initiatives that we are working on internally that will create time savings for all players, but in particular Guild Officers and Leaders. We hear you loudly and clearly that those tools are needed. We will do our best to provide them as quickly as possible, and will keep you informed about what they are and when you can expect to see them released.

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