Scoundrel Attacker with multi-attack and multiple devastating debuffs


Basic Attack – Trueshot:
Deal Physical damage to target enemy with 50% chance to attack again. This chance is doubled if the target is debuffed. Han inflicts Stagger for 2 turns when he attacks again.
Special Ability – Can I Try That?:
Deal Physical damage to all enemies. Stun the primary target for 1 turn with 80% chance to inflict Ability Block on all enemies for 1 turns. (Cooldown 3)

Unique Ability – Partner In Crime:
Han has +25% Critical Chance and +50% Health Steal. When Veteran Smuggler Chewbacca takes damage, Han gains 20% Critical Damage (stacking) until he scores a Critical Hit. When Veteran Smuggler Chewbacca is defeated, Han gains 100% Turn Meter, his cooldowns are reset, and he takes an additional turn after his next turn.

Unique Ability – Swindle:
Whenever an enemy gains a buff, Han gains 25% Counter Chance (stacking) until the end of his next turn. Whenever Han gains a debuff, he gains 50% Defense (stacking) until the end of his next turn. Whenever Han gains any status effect, he gains 50 Armor Penetration (stacking) until the end of his next turn.


Try to not leave Smuggler Han Solo out in the open too much. When opponents focus their fire on this veteran smuggler, he does not sustain well. Although Smuggler Han’s Counter Chance is high most of the battle, it’s best used as a deterrent against enemy using AoE’s rather than an offensive strategy.
When not being focused, Han’s high Health Steal from “Partner In Crime” can really shine when combined with his Counter Chance.

Use “Can I Try That” to Ability Block high value targets through walls of Taunt or Stealth.


Veteran Smuggler Chewbacca greatly increases Veteran Smuggler Han Solo’s damage through the stacking Critical Damage they both gain when the other is attacked. Also, finding a source of Offense Up in your team will go a long way in skyrocketing both of the Veteran Smugglers’ damage.


Smuggler Han (along with Smuggler Chewbacca) are considered excellent in Territory Battles, where they are able to really shine. Their synergy works well together as Chewie powers up over the course of the battle, and Han is able to control the skirmish through use of Ability Block and Stagger.

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