The Good
– We don’t have an official confirmation, but EA let us understand on a few forum comments that they are working on something and many predict it will be Raven
– New players: A new forum category for new players – attention for new players is most welcomed. This will ensure the future of this game
– Community support: EA agrees with community to extend Chimaera event time so it will intersect with Home One. This will help us to get more shards for Home One to unlock Chimaera
– The new Character Release Cadence looks good in theory, we all are eager to see this

The Bad
– Making Nightsisters farmable after only 3 months it is a debatable subject due the fact they were presented them like a long time premium characters. The change has reason to play dynamics and revenues, but it looks they should wait for this longer.

– Free to Play – There is a group of us, of SWGoH players, that have a believe “no money for games”. While I have a great respect for F2P I want to try to explain that this is not the happiest choice for SWGoH game.
To have this kind of believe with a game based on in-game purchased will not send you to the top.
As F2P you will always be behind in developing characters comparing with others and this will lead to frustration. There is no solution here, just your own limitations.

There are two success options:
– you become P2P
– F2P stay and carefully prepare each action, you become very knowledgeable about the game and your limited resources. This is a good thinking and even you will not be in top you can still be very competitive.

The third option, which usually does not lead to anything good:
– You play by inertia, you do not want to spend money, but you blame the developer

The Bold
– Store rework: I expect to have a reworked version of the in-game store, with more and various offers. I will remind EA that this is their game, their store, so be bold and try new things. More offers and deals will get more people offer more money and more often.
– More EA “staff”: – “Hire” more players for doing some activities for the game and forum and give them back in-game goodies.
This will lead to a better final product, better players experience for all EA services and products, including the game.
– Fast level-up package in Store.
It will be nice for everyone to have a way to fast level. EA will earn more money from purchases. Also, after they will reach level 85, they will want to catch-up others so more possibilities for new money earnings.
The offers can be something like that: from lvl 40 to 85 need 1000 crystals, from lvl 50 to 85 need 1100 crystals and so on.
May the Force be with you all!

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