Below are same thoughts about the last year, 2017 and some feedback.
I want to thank you EA for this great game.
I am very proud to be part of the community and feel you all as my friends.
The good
– You (EA) listened actively the community and their feedbacks
– TW and TB
– They offered help for Rey Jedi Training event
– Gave more opportunities for getting gears
– For some activities the timers have been cut
– Many events in the last months
– Better rewards for Fleet Arena
– Involved bloggers and Youtube streamers

The bad
– EA should cut more the timers for almost all activities;
– Didn’t give more opportunities for F2P to evolve and stay in the game; an empty game with just whales (I am one of them) is not funny
– They did listen the community, but reacted sometimes too slow
– I saw same offers for Crystals all year long. It is kinda weird that they cannot do better in this matter
– Many rewards for many raids and activities are redundant. This can bring boring experience and affect like long timers all the players

The bold or next steps
– More activities and raids means better experience for us, for EA opportunities for receive money; but cut the timers, they don’t bring anything good for neighter of us
– More offers and deals will get more people offer more money
– Use testers from players side, is cheaper and better for finding bugs
– “Hire” more players for doing some activities for the game and forum and give them back in-game goodies. Don’t be shy to offer them, they are just in-game values and have relatively real value
– Involve more and more Youtube streamers and bloggers; better advertisement; use in-game rewards for them, this will help them to create content
– Delete General forum; it just bring chaos and frustration for both sides, community and mods
– Treat Fleet Arena as same as Squad Arena, offer same rewards; this will lead to another opportunity for spending and game experience
– BORED or being bored is something very bad for game experience and spendings; vary more the rewards for raids and activities
– Bring some more dynamism for TW&TB especially for map part
– Follow more the Star Wars canon&non cannon, otherwise there is the feeling of “cheap copy” of the real content of Star Wars universe
– The line of players happiness should intersect with other lines somewhere. Take care about this happiness, it does not meant less spendings, it could means more spendings and more play time.

Nice job EA!

May the Force be with you all!

Happy Christmas holidays and wish all a better year!

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